The Ritland Crater

Mot Svodene

About 500 million years ago, a meteorite hit the earth and created a 2.7 km wide and 400 m deep impact crater in a shallow sea. The crater was filled with marine sediments and later geological processes buried it deeply under the ground. But erosion and the relentless action of water and ice brought this geological treasure back to the surface close to the Ritland farm in Hjelmeland, on the border of the Vormedalsheia protected landscape area. The crater is easily accessible and essentially untouched, and the area shows, with a bit of help, the history of this violent event and what happened afterwards.

This is your starting point for the discovery of the Ritland Crater. Here you can learn more about the history of the crater, take a virtual tour and plan your visit to the Ritland Crater and Hjelmeland.

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